11 Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $20 For the Very Special Person In Your Life

I’m not sure how it’s February already, but at the same time, I’m glad January is over because it felt like an eternity! So regardless of whether you believe in Valentine’s Day or not, chances are you have a special someone in your life. It may be your significant other, someone you’re dating, your friends, family, pet(s), or even yourself! Society often tells us that the more money you spend on someone, the more you love them, but that’s not true! $20 might not seem like a whole lotta love, but thoughtful gifts mean more than expensive ones, so I’ve compiled a list of 11 Valentine’s Day gifts under $20 for the very special person in your life.

1. Chocolate

How can you go wrong with this one? Unless the person you’re gifting doesn’t like chocolate (which I hope is not the case).

2. A Stuffed Animal

Make sure you know what character/stuffed animal they like. I used the Snapchat Hotdog filter as an example, but not everyone digs this guy and his spectacular moves.

3. Bath Bombs/Bubble Bar

If your partner likes to unwind after a long day, then they’ll love a bath bomb/bubble bar. And Lush dropped a whole new V-day collection!

4. Dinner and a Movie at Home

I don’t necessarily believe that you have to splurge to show your significant other that you care. Just a simple homemade dinner or even take-out and a movie at home are enough to make the day special. You’ll also get to skip the long wait times at restaurants and have more alone time at home. 

5. Hand Made Card

Not only is it cheaper to make a card but you can get creative and personalize it. It’s also very cute to have someone give you a handmade card. It shows how much they care for you.

6. Personal Photo Accent Pillow

A thoughtful and unique gift is always better than a generic one. You can get a personalized pillow for $14.98 online from Walmart. 

7. A Massage

Make sure your loved one likes massages before offering one. As a ticklish person, this would be my version of hell.

8. A Book

Perfect for the book lover in your life!

9. Photo In A Picture Frame

It can be a cute picture of you and your boo or just you to remind them of the good times. 

10. Scrapbook

As a self-diagnosed hoarder, I love to keep movie stubs and receipts and take pictures of everything, so making a scrapbook is pretty easy. If you don’t hoard like me, you can add little notes of specific memories you’ve shared or events you’ve attended together. Get creative! 

11. A Game

If your Valentine loves playing games why not get creative and gift them something they don’t have. Like this gigantic game of UNO!! The cards are so huge!!! 

Well, there you have it 11 Valentine’s Day gifts under $20 for the very special person in your life. Remember, it’s all about the little things! Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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