2016: Year in Review

It feels like I’ve lived ten years in one single year. Many good things that happened in 2016 seemed overshadowed by Trump’s win, (which happened to land on my birthday) but the year wasn’t entirely full of awful events. 

Me throughout most of 2016
  1. I got to visit my family in Hong Kong
  2. I ate at Butao Ramen
  3. I fell into the K-Drama and K-Pop world
  4. I discovered BTS <333
  5. I started learning Korean
  6. I did a handful of BuzzFeed Community posts
  7. I leveled up in BuzzFeed Community (Cat Level 2)
  8. I went to Vegas with friends, and we made a whole road trip out of the journey
  9. I went to SF with my family
  10. I went to San Diego with friends and visited Balboa Park 
  11. I ate at Hash House a go go twice
  12. I posted two videos on YouTube: Winning BIG in Vegas! Places In Between: LA to Vegas
  13. I learned how to use After Effects CC
  14. I bought a cute Minion cup (and various other Minion products)
  15. I made two Halloween Costumes. One was a complete fail; the other was cute!
  16. I dyed my hair teal and tanzanite
  17. I won a cool NBC Rio Olympic pin
  18. I bought a small stuffed animal of the Rio Olympic mascot, Vinicius
  19. I got to vote for the first female presidential candidate 
  20. I started The Many Concerns of Nicole 
  21. I started an Instagram and Facebook page for my blog
  22. I got to interview for a job at NBC Universal and BuzzFeed (even though I didn’t get either job, it was an excellent experience) 
  23. I drove to KBBQ at night in LA! (I’m scared to drive with other people in the car, especially at night, but we survived) 
  24. I hiked most weekends this year
  25. I began the process of cleaning out my inbox (it’s hard ya’ll) C0-sPQGUoAAIFPu.jpgc0-spqhuuaag7od

And I’m sure other good things happened this year, but that was all I could recall at the moment. Here’s to new challenges and experiences in 2017!

*Happy New Year!

*to everyone but Donald Trump

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