5 Little-Known Tips To Taking High-Quality iPhone Pictures

iPhone Pictures

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to take high-quality photos. And you definitely don’t need to pay for an expensive camera like a DSLR.

90% of the pictures featured on my Instagram were taken on my iPhone. 

Many people don’t believe it, but you can totally capture professional photos with your iPhone.

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1. Know Your iPhone Camera

If you want to capture great shots with your iPhone, you need to know the different functions the phone offers.

If you’re going to be taking a picture for your Instagram be sure that you are on square mode.

Front Lens and Rear Lens

When you open the camera option on your phone it is in rear camera mode. I would suggest taking your pictures like this.

The front lens is more for selfies and Snapchat or Instagram Live. It also seems like the quality isn’t as rich as the rear lens.


I don’t recommend using flash. It will ruin your picture.


HDR = High Dynamic Range.

If you have HDR on automatic, the camera will decide whether to use the feature based on the light available in the picture you’re trying to capture.

By having this feature on, you can get a balanced exposure for your pictures.

Camera Filters

You can apply filters on your phone before you take your picture. There are 8 filters, and you can select the one you’d like to use before you take your shot.

I would not suggest using this feature if you’re trying to get high-quality photos. I take my pictures raw so that I can edit them later. We’ll get to filters in another blog post.

I take my pictures raw so that I can edit them later. We’ll get to filters in another blog post.

I’ll cover filters and photo editing in another blog post.

Shutter – Burst

If you want to take multiple shots at once, all you have to do is hold on to the shutter button. Tap once for one shot and hold it to capture a burst of pictures.


You can have the timer off or set it to 3 or 10 seconds. I only use this feature when I’m using a selfie stick. Other than that, I stick to automatic shooting.

2. Arrange Layout & Focus Your Shot

iPhone PicturesIf you’re taking a picture of something like clothing or food, you want to arrange your items before taking the shot.

If you manage to style the items well, you can convey a clear story to your viewers.

Styling photos is a crucial step in getting great iPhone pictures.

Composition is also key!

And to do this, you should turn on your iPhone camera’s grid settings.

Add A Grid!

Go to:

  1. Settings
  2. Photos & Camera
  3. Grid
  4. Switch it “On”

3. Implement The Rule Of Thirds

Once you have a grid on your iPhone camera, you can use the lines to guide you when taking your photo.

I like to have my images centered when I’m taking pictures, but it all depends on the style that you’re going for.

Something that photographers and designers like is the rule of thirds.

To implement the rule of thirds on the iPhone, you need to align your subject accordingly.

The rule of thirds will help you create an interesting composition for your pictures. Like the image below.

iPhone Photography

4. Work With Natural Light

I only use natural light when I take my pictures.

Using your phone’s flash makes the colors in your picture look dull and skewed.

If you want to get a good shot be sure to take your pictures in the daytime.

And if you want to avoid a color cast in your photos, don’t use the lights in your room! Make sure that they’re all off.

If you aren’t getting enough light for your picture, then think about adding a Photo Reflector. You can buy cheap ones on Amazon that work well!

You can also place a large plain white piece of paper or a board to have the light reflect back and increase the lighting.

These can be purchased at your local dollar store! 

5. Edit Your iPhone Photos

After a lot of research, I found the best way to edit your pictures involves using a couple of Apps. 

I use Afterlight, which I believe is .99 for android and iPhone users and ColorStory, and PicsArt, which are free. ColorStory offers in-app purchases that may be helpful to some.

I use Afterlight to edit things like brightness, contrast, saturation, shadows, etc. 

After I’ve fixed up my pictures, I move onto ColorStory because they have the filters I love! You can also use VSCO; they have great filters too. 

Occasionally, I use PicArts to edit minor things like coloring issues that I couldn’t correct on Afterlight. 

In the picture below you’ll see the unedited picture, I took with my iPhone 6+ on the left and the edited one on the right. I know I broke the lighting rule, but I love this picture, and there was a mixture of natural light and those tiny lights at The Broad.

iPhone Photography

Do you take pictures with your iPhone? What tips do you have?

Taking High-Quality iPhone Pictures

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