5 Ways to Get Amazing Instagram Photos Without Breaking the Bank

Your favorite pictures on Instagram probably consist of people traveling, eating fancy dinners, going to music festivals and so on. But you don’t need a DSLR to get a great shot, and you don’t need to have access to props and backgrounds. You can simply walk around your block or drive around your city to capture amazing Instagram photos!

1. Take a stroll around your neighborhood

I didn’t even dine here, I saw the sign from outside and stepped inside the restaurant to take the picture.

2. Simple is best

Simple pictures tend to do well on Instagram. For example; sunsets, skylines, buildings with great architecture, etc. 

3. Take pictures of street art!

Natural light is EVERYTHING! The best time to take pictures is during the day, especially if you want a great quality photo.

4. Take Pictures of Your Food

You don’t need to eat at a fancy place to do this. Even pictures of your coffee or home cooked meals work. It’s all about angles, and the overall presentation of your meal.

I made a cold pasta dish and Instagrammed it. All I did was place a white piece of paper under my plate and tinkered around with Afterlight (app) to get an insta worthy picture.

5. Use these hashtags

Look up hashtags relevant to your city! This way you can draw inspiration for your next amazing Instagram photo!

For those of you living in Los Angeles, here are some hashtags I recommend. If you live elsewhere, try using these hashtags and replacing them with the name of your city.


Sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to get a great shot (except risking your life), and it doesn’t have to involve breaking the bank.

What are your tips/tricks for getting amazing Instagram photos?

10 thoughts on “5 Ways to Get Amazing Instagram Photos Without Breaking the Bank

  1. Thanks for the reminders of this simple tips that I should use. I am always thinking of what should I post and I skip a day or two. But simple is always best and I am sure I can find something cool base on your tips to share. Thanks

  2. Ahh, gorgeous photos! I need to check out your instagram – you make me want to go to LA! I don’t post on IG too often because I never feel “inspired” but you’re right, you can find beauty anywhere!

  3. Great tips for capturing the perfect photo for instagram! I tend to forget that some of the most beautiful pictures for instagram are right in my backyard.
    xo, Laura

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