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90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days

90 Day Fiancé is my favorite reality show of ALL time! TLC could get me to watch anything if they add “90 Day Fiancé” to the title. 90 Day Fiancé: Self Quarantined, you bet I’m watching that. 90 Day Fiancé: 90 Years Later? If it was a thing, I’d watch! Here’s my relationship review for the couples on season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.

Ed and Rosemarie

Ed and Rose are one of the couples this season that is a train wreck! But I’m really loving all these new memes.

Okay, so if you watch the show, then you know that there’s no way in hell that Rose loves or even likes Ed.

And can you really blame her?

He told her she has stank breath and made her shave her legs. And let’s not forget when he lied about his height or when he asked her to take an STD test (when he wouldn’t take one himself in the Philippines because he didn’t “trust it”).


Ed should know that Rose is just looking for a better life for her and her son. America is the “land of opportunity” (or so people claim).

I get why she’d want to marry him, but I don’t understand how Ed can be so blinded.

This is a transactional relationship.

Whether or not that’s something he is comfortable with is another thing.

I’m also convinced that Ed himself doesn’t love Rose. He just loves that she’s young and pretty and likes the idea of her.

Another thing that bothers me is that Ed wasn’t honest with Rose from the beginning about how he doesn’t want anymore kids.

Why’d he hop on a plane to the Philippines without telling her that??

That’s not fair to her.

He just wants Rose to be on board with everything he wants.

There’s a reason why he chose to find someone to date from the Philippines.

90 day fiancé review

Here’s another meme for ya!

90 day fiancé memes

Usman (Sojaboy) and Baby Girl Lisa

Lisa traveled from the US to Nigeria to meet Usman after dating online for two years.

The couple failed at several attempts to get Usman’s mom to accept their marriage until she finally gave in.

But let’s not forget how she was under the impression that Lisa was going to make Usman a slave (yikes!) and that she’s too old for him (yupppp!).

So far this season, Lisa has been very demanding of Usman.

Berating him, extreme jealousy, bossing him around, and complaining about everything.

Anyways, I don’t know what the future holds for the couple (and I don’t want spoilers) but it’s clear that Usman just wants to further his career as Sojaboy in the United States and Lisa just wants a boy toy she can control.

usman and Lisa

Darcey and Tom

Next up, in this 90 Day Fiancé relationship review are Tom and Darcey!

I know what everyone thinks about Darcey, “she cries too much”, “she’s too needy”, blah blah blah.

I get it!

If I took a shot every time she was crying on screen I’d be in the hospital for alcohol poisoning.

But that’s not the point.

Darcey was really sincere to Tom.

She took the biggest risk of all, she loved.

I know that Darcey might be annoying at times but she genuinely wants love. It just so happens that she found herself with another jerk.

Tom needs someone who “loves him the way he needs to be loved” so why did he even ask to meet Darcey in the first place?

If he has found “love” with someone else then why can’t he just let Darcey go?! And why can’t he respect his current gf by not meeting with his ex?!

Tom is a gaslighter.

He’s toxic, rude, and full of himself.

Darcey blocked him so that they’d have no contact and he had the audacity to write her a letter and drive all the way to her house to have the last word!!!

And then he got mad that she wouldn’t accept it and blamed her for wasting his time? Literally no one asked him to do that.

Darcey didn’t invite him over. Good for her for not reading it.

Tom is a terrible human being!

Darcey and Tom

I’m glad that Darcey finally stood up for herself and told him that she was done.

Why would he compare her to a sister?!?! Uhm since when do you get intimate with a sibling?! I mean I know it happens…but PLEASE! DEAR GOD!

Also, how dare he ask her if she put on a few pounds!

I think Darcey needs to sit down and reflect on what she wants in a man and what she’s not willing to compromise on.

She can find a great guy who lives near her!

I hope Darcey finds what she’s looking for with a man who will love her the way she deserves to be loved.

Stay strong, Darcey!

Yolanda and “Williams”

Or should I say, Yolanda and Nigerian scammer?

Is it just me or does Williams “British accent” sound a lot like Angela’s fiancé Michael?

First things first, never ever send nudes of yourself to someone you’ve never met. Unless you’re cool with them potentially being leaked, or you being blackmailed…

Also, don’t give them your address, bank information, or social security number.

Not saying that Yolanda has done this (except for the address I believe) but, I felt like I needed to make a PSA.

Reverse image search is also your friend!

Use it!

Stalk the person you’re talking to online. Unleash your inner Joe from You!

Okay, not to THAT extent, but make sure you get on video call with them to ensure they’re who they say they are.

I love Yolanda, I think she’s a really sweet lady, but there’s no way in hell that she can be this dumb…

I feel so bad for her kids if this is real.

Yolanda and Williams

David and “Lana”

We sure have a lot of catfishing going on this season.

I think TLC should just scrap these “couples.”

I really don’t have time for multiple variations of Cesar and Maria. Give more air time to the other couples!

I think we all know that Lana is not real!

If all your interactions with your girlfriend are only through chat on a website you have to pay for then I don’t know what to tell you other than she’s NOT your girlfriend.

She won’t chat with you off the app, you’ve never video called, you’ve never even had a phone call, and you’ve been paying to talk to her for the past 7 years!

Oh, and you just decided to fly to her country to see her and now you’ve found her address and want to talk to her.



How can TLC promote this foolishness…

David and Lana 90 day Fiancé

Geoffrey and Varya

Speaking of foolishness, I don’t think a woman abuser with a criminal history should even be on the show.

Why would TLC allow Varya to be put in danger?!

I get that she’s young, pretty, full of opportunities and dreams, but there are better ways to come to America.

Go date another man who can bring you to the states! One without a criminal history.

Varya and Geoff

Avery and Ash

Okay, I have to just say it, Ash looks shady AF!

Maybe he has some eye condition that makes him look like that, and if he does, I’m sorry to this man, but he seems so untrustworthy.

I think that Ash is a player and that Avery should just enjoy her time in Australia but not expect anything to come out of this “relationship.”

I mean the dude even told her that “he’s single right now.”

Ash and Avery

I don’t know about you, but if my boyfriend told me that he was single, he definitely would be.

I find their whole dynamic stressful.

Avery, you are a beautiful woman, you don’t need to put up with someone who mistreats you like Ash.

You shouldn’t have to be trying to tie a man down.

If he wants to be free, let him go, and find yourself a real man.

Oh, and don’t get me started on his weird misogynist dating seminar.

Did those women really pay for that? Or was this free? Because I’d want my money back after that mess!

Erika and Stephanie

The last couple in my relationship review is probably the most stressful to me out of them all.

The minute Stephanie landed in Australia it was clear that these two were not meant to be together.

Erika is vibrant and really out there in terms of her personality, while Stephanie (irl not her YouTube channel) is much more reserved.

I think it’s fine that Stephanie wasn’t cool with the boob event that they went to.

Her and Erika just have different visions of what “fun” looks like.

If Stephanie was uncomfortable, she could’ve removed herself from the situation and refused to participate.

If you don’t want to do something, then just don’t. You’re a grown adult, learn how to say “NO!”

90 day fiancé Erika and Stephanie

I’ve seen a lot of comments online accusing Stephanie of not actually being bi-sexual and I don’t know if she is or if she isn’t. I’m not here to speculate on that, but I do know that these two are not compatible.

There’s no reason to be crying and yelling at each other constantly.

Sometimes two people don’t work out and that’s okay.

Erika is cool being friends with people who she’s been sexually intimate with in the past and Stephanie isn’t okay with that.

And that’s OKAY!

Stephanie should just accept that Erika is not compatible with her.

I don’t think you should force yourself to be cool with something that makes your uncomfortable, jealous, upset, etc.

They’re not a good fit for each other. It sucks, but that’s part of dating.

90 Day Fiancé: Relationship Review

So what did you think about my relationship review? Do you agree that some of these couples on 90 Day Fiancé should probably just call it quits?

Or do you think there’s hope for some of them?

I want to hear your thoughts!

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