Advice Column: Dear Nicole

Advice Column - Online Dating

In college, I ran an advice column that did fairly well. It was one of my favorite segments, and I figured that just because I no longer have that platform doesn’t mean I can’t continue to give out advice.

Let the record show that I am by no means a professional nor do I have the answers to everything. I just really like to give my two cents on a lot of topics, so if my advice sucks, don’t take it to heart.

I’ll try my best to give what I deem to be good advice.

And what better way to get your questions answered than by asking a “completely objective third-party outsider with absolutely no personal interest in the matter.

So if you’re having trouble with friends, college life, high school, relationships, your job, etc. then ask away!

Advice Column

Submit your questions anonymously, here!

I’ll write back weekly, so stay tuned!

Advice Column

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