Is Having Dark Skin A “Skin Condition?”

Dark Skin

Last year I went to Hong Kong to visit family and came back with a bunch of face masks. The black aqua mask (Korean) is my absolute favorite; it leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth! I had never read the package before so the other day when I took the time to read it, I was surprised to see that according to the face mask, “dark skin” is a skin condition.


Asian Culture: Dark Skin

I mean I wasn’t surprised because Asian people value fair skin. But it was a bit disheartening to see.

It’s upsetting that in the 21st century there is still this perception that having dark skin makes you less than those with light skin.

Why can’t we move on?!

I don’t think I ever cared about my skin color until I got older and the comments made by friends or family members started to affect me.

Usually, I brush it off, but I do get upset when other people start talking about how “they’re so dark” when they’re not.

If a person with the skin colors highlighted below claims to be “sooo dark,” or to have gotten “sooo tan” then what am I in their eyes? foundation-web-page-960x600px-b1-1.jpg

Think Twice

People should be mindful before they open up their mouths. What’s wrong with being any shade of the color spectrum?

Well, no one wants to be green or purple, but you get what I mean! We shouldn’t try to change our skin color; it’s what makes us unique.

Imagine if everyone looked the same, life would be boring. We’d be living like those gray blobs in that episode of The Fairly OddParents!

Dark Skin

Different Shades

It’s nice that people can be tan, brown, black, white, etc. Stop making others feel bad about their skin color, whether it is intentional or not, try to be mindful before you complain about how “dark” you’ve gotten.

So what if you got a little tan, it’s certainly not the end of the world. 

You be you and let me be me without making me feel bad about it. 

Dark Skin

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