Dear Nicole: Drifting Friend

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Dear Nicole,

Recently one of my best friends has stopped hanging out with me and has ditched our group for another. I am really upset and tried to talk to her about it. She apologized and said that she loved me, but I feel as if though she has drifted away. What should I do?


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Dear Sad, 

Unfortunately, I don’t think you will find my response to be of much help. You have already spoken to your friend about the issue.

You let her know that you are upset about this rift between the two of you, but there’s nothing more you can do on your end.

The thing is, you can still be friends without her hanging out with your group. But if she is no longer putting in the effort to keep in contact, then you’re going to have to cut your losses.

At least you can have peace of mind knowing that your friend is aware of how the distance has made you feel.

My suggestion to you is to let yourself be sad about the situation, take some time to mope, and then go on with your life. It’s hard to have a best friend drift away, but often in life, you’ll see friends come and go.

Cherish the friends that are still by your side and don’t let this damper your mood for too long.


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