DIY Halloween Costume – FAIL

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 3.08.39 PM.pngLast year, I made a burger costume (a dream come true). It cost around $30-$40 to make and took me a whole day to complete.

This year my mom and I wanted to be a cereal bowl that we saw from Studio DIY.

Unfortunately, I procrastinated until the day before Halloween to start on my costume.

I didn’t realize that it would take longer than a day to make it!

It also sucked that the instructions from Studio DIY were not clear. I mean why didn’t she say how long the costume would take! 

Just as a heads up for anyone who wants to make a cereal bowl costume.

I’ve added clear instructions with time estimates, so you know what you’re getting yourself into. 


This is not a last minute costume. You’re going to need a minimum of 3 days before Halloween or whenever you want to wear it.

But to be safe, I’d say you should make it a week in advance.

Supplies Needed:

a) 36″ Balloon – They don’t sell this at Party City, the biggest size was either 32″ or 26″ and buying it online isn’t ideal, the reviews say that the balloons pop easily, probably because they’re old. I bought my balloon at Party Plaza. It was $8.99 for three. You’ll have to shop around to find a balloon this large.

b) Cardboard – I don’t know the exact measurements. But I suggest getting the large ones used for school projects, or a large trifold.

c) A lot of newspaper – For the paper mache and to cover your workstation to make cleanup easier.

d) Flour – To make your paper mache OR instead of flour, since I’m no longer fond of paper mache, look up how to make pasta de almidón, it’ll leave your newspaper sturdy, and it dries much quicker. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any almidón, so I used flour

e) Multi-color pool noodles – You can buy these at Amazon, Target, Walmart, Toys “R” Us, etc.

f) White spray paint- You can buy any color; it’s your bowl.

g) Glue gun

h) Box cutter (or just use a knife/scissors)

i) Paint brush (for the paper mache)

j) Box or box lid (to hold the balloon in place while you work)






  1. JPEG image-DA00B0D6D494-1.jpegPrepare your workstation. Add a large plastic sheet or various newspaper sheets around where you plan to begin the project. Things will get messy.
  2. Wear old clothes.
  3. Place the box/box lid on top of your workstation.
  4. Fill the balloon with air (as you can see, I inflated the balloon myself).
  5. Cut the newspaper into long strips.
  6. Make your paper mache paste.
    a) Mix 1:1 ratio of flour and water
    For example, if you pour 1 cup of flour into your bowl, you need to add 1 cup of water and mix it until you get a glue like substance.
  7. You’re going to need to cover the balloon with four layers of newspaper strips. Let each coat dry completely before applying another. 
  8. The drying process takes a long time. If I had worked on my costume a couple of days before, I wouldn’t have had to use multiple fans to try to get the layers to dry. That’s why my final result was horrendous!
  9. The paper mache process should take a day or two to completely air dry depending on weather conditions.
  10. Use the paint brush to quickly add paper mache onto the balloon and then onto your newspaper strips. It speeds up the process!
  11. Do not completely cover the balloon. Leave room at the bottom (or top). Use a marker or the length of your newspaper strips to estimate the spacing. 
  12. Once your 4th layer is completely dry, you can deflate your balloon. I was able to deflate the balloon because my newspaper strips were still kind of moist. If it’s not possible to deflate, you’re going to have to pop it *SCARY STUFF*
  13. You’re going to need to cut a hole at the other end of your project. Make sure it’s wide enough for you to fit through and walk in. 
  14. Trim the other opening of the balloon.
  15. Take your bowl to an open area (preferably outside) and spray paint.
  16. Wait for it to dry (length of time depends on your spray paint).
  17. Once dry you need to use the cardboard and cut a circle that will fit the top portion of the bowl. You can flip the bowl onto the cardboard and use a pencil or marker to trace the circle.
  18. Cut another circle/opening inside that cardboard piece to fit into the top of the bowl.
  19. Use the glue gun to attach the cardboard to the bowl. I didn’t spray paint the cardboard, but you can. It didn’t make a difference since I put the “Froot Loops” on top and they covered the cardboard. 
  20. Cut the pool noodles into thin slices. (I think I cut mine too wide)
  21. Use the glue gun to attach the noodles onto the cardboard.
  22. Stack the noodles.
  23. I cut the cardboard so I wouldn’t need to use the ribbon as shoulder straps. It was a tight fit, so you’ll need someone to help you put it on. Okay, this was an accident, but it worked in my favor.

You can see what the original costume looks like at the bottom right. I failed so hard!! 😂 

My Cereal Costume (FAIL) vs. Studio DIY's

My DIY costume wasn’t a success this year, but it sure made for a good laugh.

Happy Halloween!

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