Fifth Harmony Tries to Set the Record Straight on Camila Cabello’s Departure

Fifth Harmony has spoken out once again about Camila Cabello’s not so surprising departure. They recently posted a lengthy tell-all on Twitter late Monday. This message comes in response to Camila’s message posted early Monday regarding the original department statement posted on behalf of Fifth Harmony.C0F7NxCVIAAwu18.jpg

I stand firm in my belief that Camila prematurely left Fifth Harmony, but I can’t believe that this whole situation escalated so quickly in a matter of a day. Even Shawn Mendes got himself involved! I am now patiently waiting for an official statement from Taylor Swift’s squad. 

Dissecting Fifth Harmony’s Latest Statement Regarding Camila’s Departure

  1. The shade is oozing from the beginning of the statement! “You are just as much a part of this group as the four of us are” THE FOUR OF US!
  2. It feels weird to call them Fifth Harmony now
  3. If the last thing that you want to do is engage in a battle of “we said, she said” then why did you make this statement in the first place?
  4. It’s clear they didn’t want Camila to have the last word. 
  5. Let’s not kid ourselves, though, Camila’s statement was her trying to redirect the blame onto Fifth Harmony. 
  6. Their initial statement of Camila’s departure was worded in a manner that made it seem like they were notified about the departure fairly recently. But in this newly released “tell-all” they acknowledge that they knew mid-November that Camila was leaving the group. They supposedly didn’t know that their last performance as a group of 5 was going to be on December 18th.  
  7. If they knew she was going to leave the group, why didn’t the fans get a heads up? No farewell tour?!
  8. Why would you be “truly hurt” if you were already having problems and were aware that she was leaving the group?
  9. Why are both parties trying to play the victims here anyways? 
  10. At the end of the day before anything else, you are co-workers and to put this as bluntly as possible: No one cares if you get along off-screen. The point is to create an image on-screen that you did and to make music that the fans enjoy. But if one member didn’t want to continue with the facade, then what’s the problem in letting her go. This exposé or whatever you want to call it is so immature from both sides. 
  11. Is this the plot of the latest Mean Girls installment? 
  12. I guess no one remembers the song, Miss Movin’ On.
  13. It seems as if both parties have forgotten that they were on the same team at one point.
  14. Who’s handling their social media? Why would either management team let them post this? Aren’t they still under the same record label?
  15. Is this whole thing a PR stunt?
  16. More importantly, who’s handling their clothes?! 

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