Flaky Francine Is the New Convenient Connie

Flaky Francine Is the New Convenient Connie

Friends come and go; it’s just the way things are. Nowadays, it seems like Flaky Francine is the new Convenient Connie.

“I’ve Got Better Plans”

It’s annoying to be friends with someone who you’ve always been there for, but when the tables turn, they rarely reciprocate.

These are the people who would rather ditch you when you’ve made plans to hang out, to be with someone who they deem to be more “fun.”

And these same people are the ones who decide to complain to you about how their “fun” friends are never there for them when the going gets rough.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

You still want to be friends with them, but you know that you value yourself as a person enough to know not to tolerate that treatment.

Or maybe you get old enough to realize that there is no point in being that decent friend, especially if it’s never appreciated.

Why should you be friends with someone who is only friends with you when it’s convenient for them?

Why should you be friends with people who are full of excuses?

And why agree to hang out when plans are going to get canceled last minute?

Flaky Francine Is the New Convenient Connie


Don’t make up an excuse as to why you can’t hang out and then post pictures online of what you’re doing.

Or don’t cancel plans claiming you’re “too busy” to meet and post pictures of yourself out and about.

Good Friends

A crummy friend makes one appreciate their real friends. It also makes you want to be a better friend to your good friends.

I suppose this is like the whole; we’d never know what good was if evil didn’t exist.

It’s all about perspective, and in the end, I’m just too old to deal with this.

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