Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (Fall)


Seriously, don’t read ahead unless you want to know the final four words!

A few thoughts I had while watching Fall: 

– So Lorelai is going through with this Wild (the book) stuff?
– Glad to see she hasn’t broken up with Luke *phew
– Book or movie, I’ll always choose the book
– It’s Jason Ritter! Ah, Parenthood!
– People like the poem!
– What exactly has Esther been filing for all of these years?
– More Jess!!
– Poor Luke
– Who sits around a fire to talk to strangers about their lives?What white nonsense was that?.gif– Something creepy is going on in Stars Hallow
– Oh, it’s Dean and the Life and Death Brigade
Across the UniverseWith A Little Help From My Friends 
– I guess it’s a tribute to her college years
– Finally, the end of Logan and Rory! 
– Lorelai would lose her permit; she’s never going to do Wild (the book)
– This story is so sad! I miss Richard!
– But seriously, took her long enough to come up with a story about her dad
– Oh no, please don’t break up!
– AH! Lorelai and Luke are getting married!
– Emily is now magically kind to her staff
– Flashbacks of Richard. This is so sad! (RIP Edward Herrmann) 
– Katy Perry and the nuns housing conflict reference
– Woah, Emily is hardcore!anigif_sub-buzz-11638-1480114461-2.gif – Luke is friends with THE Kiefer Sutherland
– Christopher has appeared, and he looks the same *witchcraft* 
– Lorelai is finally expanding the Dragonfly!
– Woah, Dean!giphy-3.gif– He’s married to someone named Lana, and they’re going to have their fourth child. At least he got out of Stars Hollow. 5fdbfe7993b5bfe1_tumblr_oh85ezv3ht1v8qp10o3_500.gif– Sookie’s back!
– I want to eat cake now
– Woah, Emily has a job! She’s come full circle
– What was that look, Jess?!!
– He’s clearly not over “that” Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 6.08.48 PM.png– Why would Lorelai officially get married without her mother being there? Ugh!
– Wow, I forgot about Paul
– You do suck Rory, you do!
– “Mom, I’m pregnant” Girl we know!gilmore-girls-hey-whats-going-on-in-there.gif

Rory & The Last Four Words

I know that Rory is an adult, she’s 32, but her life is a mess, and now she’s pregnant! How can she have a baby now?

I’m going to call out Amy Sherman-Palladino as a liar. I don’t believe that she originally intended to end the entire series with “Mom, I’m pregnant.”

It feels more like she did it for shock value and to get another extension of the series next year possibly.

Why would the whole point of Gilmore Girls be for Rory to end up like Lorelai?

That is so sad. I know history has a way of repeating itself, but this seemed like a slap in the face to the audience who invested so many years in these characters.

They don’t even seem like the same people that they were throughout the series.

It would have been a better story if Rory didn’t have any involvement with Logan at the start of the series. Logan should’ve appeared like Dean and Jess did, just passing by in her life.

And I bet Rory’s getting a lot of hate for this, but she’s not the only one who chose to cheat. Logan is the one who is engaged!

If Amy Sherman-Palladino never intended the love lives of Rory or Lorelai to be important, she’s kidding herself.

Lorelai and Luke had a whole would they or wouldn’t they thing going on for seven seasons!

Rory also had her three boyfriends and the drama surrounding them, and now she’s pregnant with Logan’s child (it’s not the Wookiee’s or Paul’s, c’mon guys).

And did Rory have to tell her mom she’s pregnant on her wedding day?

Geez, she sure knows how to ruin someone’s moment.


I’m glad she and Luke finally got married. I wonder if they’ll try to have kids through surrogate or maybe even adoption.

Either way, it’s good that Lorelai plans to expand the Dragonfly Inn. It’s also nice to see her improving her relationship with her mom.

But what bothered me was that she got married once again without her mom being there.

I know they were still going to do the town wedding and that no one but her, Luke, Rory, Michel, Lane and the pastor would know that they already got married, but what she did still felt wrong. Not even Sookie was there, geez.

And by the look on Lorelai’s face at the end of the season, I can tell she’s probably disappointed in Rory. 


It seems like the only person who had a full character arc was Emily Gilmore. She’s still problematic (the whole Berta language thing), but she’s become independent.

She sells her house, quits the DAR, starts treating her employees like human beings, and gets a job. Emily and Lorelai are the only ones who seem to find happiness at the end.

Rory is the only character who seems to have backtracked.

It would’ve made sense to see a struggling Rory right out of college, but at 32 should she be living at home, knocked up with no baby daddy?

What has her life become? Why did Rory feel no remorse for being the other woman, yet again?

And I know I’m super harsh, but Rory always seemed like the type of person who had her life together. She is incredibly privileged and entitled, so why can’t she make anything work in her favor?

What I Enjoyed About The Series

– Luke and Lorelai getting married
– Lorelai and Sookie are still best friends despite Sookie’s two-year absence
– Michel was married
– At least Lane and Zack are still together
– Paris rocks at her job
– Carole King singing “I Feel the Earth Move” and Taylor saying it wasn’t catchy. HA!
– The tribute to Edward Herrmann (Richard Gilmore)
– Buff Jess
– Scruffy bearded Dean
– All of Kirk’s scenes
– The thirty-something gang (I relate to them, despite being younger, it’s so sad)
– Paul Anka is still alive!
– Lane and Rory are still best friends
– Mr. Kim is real!

Gilmore Girls

I like that they had a whole The Social Network thing going on when Lorelai advised Rory to drop “The” from “The Gilmore Girls.” It makes sense that what we’ve been watching was Rory’s story all along; it’s nice that way.

But that doesn’t compensate for the fact that Rory is pregnant!

It was great to revisit Stars Hollow and all the characters I held near and dear to my heart, but Amy Sherman-Palladino sort of ruined Rory for me.

If the series doesn’t get picked up for another mini movie type thing, then I’d just like to imagine that Rory gets an abortion,* publishes her book, it gets made into a show, and she’s successful.

I don’t even care about Rory’s love life at this point. It just would’ve been cool to see her get her life in order before the series wrapped up.

In my mind the series would’ve ended with Rory telling Lorelai, “where you lead, I will follow.” Now that would’ve been epic! 

*If Amy Sherman-Palladino believes that Rory would’ve had an abortion, why were the final four words a big deal in the first place?

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