Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (Spring)


A few thoughts I had while watching Spring:


Gilmore Girls Spring– Awkward therapy session with the older Gilmore ladies
– It’s Mrs. Kim!
– Um, why is Mrs. Kim’s new choir group being portrayed this way? Are they from North Korea?
– Mr. Kim exists!!

– Awkward run in with Logan’s father
– I want to eat those fries!
– Town hall meeting!
– So there aren’t enough gay people for the pride parade. I don’t get this part…
– Uh, did they include this, so we know that Taylor isn’t gay?
– Whole spiel about A and B list actors
– It’s the real Paul Anka!
– Kirk’s movie is hilarious!! I wish they’d show the whole thing!
– Rachael Ray is on the show for some reason
– Does Emily want Luke to marry Lorelai?
– Oh, she just wants him to expand Luke’s, Diner
– I wish they’d open a real Luke’s Diner in LA (not referring to the pop-up shop)
– Nice to be back at Chilton
– Rory should be a teacher
– Of course, Paris would quote Stalin and make children cry
– That was not Chad Michael Murray!
– This bathroom scene. Wow, Paris has strong legsGilmore Girls Spring– Where are Madeline and Louise?
– I agree with the Dean, Rory should get her Masters and come back to teach at Chilton
– Doyle!
– I guess Rory is having her interview with Condé Nast wearing what is clearly not her lucky outfit
– Emily has opted out of mother and daughter therapy, to no one’s surprise
– Why didn’t Lorelai tell Luke about this? Emily is quite smug about finding this out herself
– Jason Mantzoukas has graced our screens
– OMG I am one of those line people (well, I’ll only line up if I’m getting something for free)
– I did wait in line for an hour and a half to buy a donut filled ice cream…
– Did Rory just fall asleep in the middle of an interview? Is it jet lag? Why does she not have more signs of jet lag?!
– It’s Mae Whitman! Is this like a Parenthood thing? More importantly, it’s the real Ann Veal!
– What happened to Paul?
– Why does Rory talk to her mom about her sexual life? This is weird. I never figured Rory to be a one night stand kind of gal.
– Okay, I thought she had the job. Sandee is mean. But Rory should’ve prepared herself and had some ideas.
– Is Sandee Says supposed to be BuzzFeed?
– I guess she is financially secure enough to throw away three perfectly good phones
– She’s back home (to no one’s surprise)

Note: So apparently a lot of the cast from Bunheads has made an appearance in the revival. I’ve never watched that Amy Sherman-Palladino show.


Rory’s life is getting progressively worse, at least this part of the revival is consistent.

Now that she is “back” we can clearly see that she is in denial about her life.

There’s even a group in town called the thirty-something gang. Which is a bit weird. Shouldn’t they be the twenty-something gang?

I didn’t realize that thirty-year-olds are also dealing with the same issues. I feel like this group speaks to me, I’m an unofficial member *sigh.

So Rory is upset that Logan is going to marry his rich and fancy fiancé, Odette.

She doesn’t like the idea of going back to school to get her Masters so that she can come back and work at Chilton. Girl, if someone offers you a job, take it!

I get that it isn’t what Rory wants to do, but then again, she’s 32, not 23.

Does Logan pay for Rory’s flights to London? Because this is getting ridiculous, she admitted to not having any underwear!

Also, when did Rory become the type of person to have a one night stand?

Oh, and I wish Rory would officially dump Paul, I find myself thinking about the poor schmuck from time to time.

She has become so self-involved. I feel like I don’t even know her anymore.


Why is she keeping secrets from Luke! Their lack of communication always causes problems, shouldn’t they have already learned this by now?

Also, shouldn’t Lorelai sit Rory down and ask her when she’s going to get a real job and get her life together, she’s 32!

Problematic Issues

It was cool to see Mrs. and Mr. Kim, but what in the world was going on with that Korean choir group?!

I know that the Kim’s are religious, but it was a bit much to depict the choir as what seemed like fresh off the boat North Korean refugees.

Why were they so scared of the musical instrument they were playing, what was the purpose of that entire scene? That was painful to watch.

I’m tired of the slight jabs at minorities on this show.

2 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (Spring)

  1. There has been talks and opinion pieces later on (meaning now) about how Sherman-Palladino is a bit of a problematic writer when it comes to her lack of minorities and portrayal of minorities.I wrote my review soon after watching watching the episode, and after looking back, I can’t believe Francine was invited back, but we don’t get to see Madeline and Louise? What is that? Also, was it so hard to get the real Chad Michael Murray? Is he working right now?

    1. I should look into those articles. I started watched Gilmore Girls as a preteen so I never noticed anything problematic with her portrayals, but watching these new episodes I found myself getting upset during certain scenes. I know! I haven’t seen Chad Michael Murray in years LOL

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