Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (Summer)


Some thoughts I had watching this season:


– Mean girls at the pool
– Rory is in denial; she is “back”
– Okay, more jabs at Korean people?
– Why do Lorelai and Rory go to the pool if they don’t swim?
– UGH APRIL!!! Now she’s a hippie
– “To Noam is to love him” HA!
– Awkward money conversation between two people who aren’t married
– Can Rory and Logan stop already?
– The thirty-something gang!
Stars Hollow: The Musical
– You go and save the town paper, Rory!
– Why are Brandon and Dewey doing this? Are they getting paid?
– Forced Game of Thrones reference
– I don’t think Michel should have kids
– Wow, there is a lot of fat shaming in this episode
– Child labor laws, anybody?
– Babette and Patty have got game!
– “She was Kinky Boots” (sure to become a classic line)
– Rory’s working at the Stars Hallow Gazette, for free
– Michel is creepy with kids
– The Secret Bar seems super cool
– Michel is leaving the Dragonfly Inn *CRIES*
– I can tell that the poem is going to be a big deal in this town
– I miss Sookie!
– Woah, Emily Gilmore is still in bed at noon, who is she, me?!
– The musical was funny at first, but now it’s too long. We could fit more plot here!
– Ah, the much-needed Hamilton referenceGilmore Girls Summer– Taylor is so extra
– If it isn’t the DAR ladies
– I never knew Emily watched TV
– O.M.G it’s JESS!! <3
– Of course, Jess would be full of wisdom and musclesGilmore Girls Summer– I totally forgot that Alexis and Milo dated for four years!
– Lorelai has overreacted about her mom having a male friend
– Now Lorelai and Rory are fighting at a cemetery. Keeping it classy ladies!
– Rory should understand why her mom is hesitant about her writing this book
– Lorelai should try to understand why Rory wants to write this book
– Communication is essential!
– Lorelai’s going to pick a fight with Luke, I can see it in her eyes
– Okay, Luke and Lorelai are one of those couples right now. The ones who fight publicly and make other people feel awkward
– Lane has no storyline in this revival
– More never-ending drama between Logan and Rory
– Ugh, more singing
– I hope Lorelai doesn’t plan on leaving Luke
– Ah, she was reading Wild at the beginning of the episode, and now she’s going to do Wild!

I feel like I already know what the last four words will be, I had so much time to ponder it during the musical number. 👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻


At least she’s back to writing, even if it’s unpaid. I love that Jess came back to push her in the right direction.

I don’t think Rory should’ve told her mom about planning to write a book about their lives when they were at the cemetery. She should’ve waited to tell her at home and then explained why she wanted to write it and what it meant to her.

I don’t get why Rory couldn’t see that from Lorelai’s perspective, the story wouldn’t portray her all that well. She had Rory at 16, left home and then didn’t contact her parents until she needed money for Rory’s tuition at Chilton.

Is this a story that you’d want the whole world to know?

I’m just a bit shocked that Rory lacked perspective and empathy. And what makes Rory think that her book would be successful anyways.

From the way the series is heading I can tell that we have been watching Rory’s story all along. 


I was waiting for Jess to appear two seasons ago, but he finally graced our screens!

First of all, I don’t care what anyone says; Jess was the best boyfriend Rory ever had. He was a bit insensitive and erratic at times, but he was a teenager with problems.

Now he’s mature, and he’s better off than Rory, which is a bit funny.

Jess started off as the bad boy in town and Rory was Miss goody two shoes, now the roles have been reversed. Rory can’t get her life in order, and Jess is successful and knows who he is.

In a way, Jess is too good for Rory now. 


Lorelai has absolutely no chill. Once she’s made her mind up about something, she just goes for it. You think she’d tone it down.

She better not break-up with Luke, that was why I couldn’t watch the last season. I don’t know why problems have to arise whenever Lorelai is involved. 

Problematic Issues

What was up with them using two children as servants at the beginning of the episode? And did Rory say, “I’m not fat pat” or “back fat?”

That was unnecessary.

I thought that I was watching Mean Girls for a second. You’re at the pool; people come in all shapes and sizes. The dude is still fat with or without a shirt; I felt like they were judgmental for no reason.

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