Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (Winter)


I used to watch Gilmore Girls religiously on the weekdays with my grandma. My grandma doesn’t speak English, so I would try to translate as best as I could.

I’m not exactly sure what 12-year old me liked about the show, all I remember is enjoying the story of Rory and Lorelai, the cool mother-daughter duo, whose relationship I loved.

I stopped watching Gilmore Girls after season six. I didn’t like the direction it was heading in, and I wasn’t fond of Logan, April or Christopher so I watched the revival having not watched the seventh season of the show.

Some thoughts I had watching this season:


– Wow, we’re back in Stars Hollow
– Alexis Bledel seems a bit awkward trying to get back into character
– Seriously, why does Rory look so great after an international flight? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!
– I too wish I could hold hot coffee like that
– Miss Patty lost weight!
– How can Rory afford to pay three phone bills?
– Aww, it’s Lane! I wish she would’ve ended up with Henry or Dave, not Zack…
– Does Lane not have a job?
– Ah, if it ain’t the guitar playing dude
– Luke!!
tumblr_m4huoriksv1qeyongo1_400– Rory has a boyfriend named Paul (he’s the new Ann Veal: Arrested Development reference)
– So Rory stress taps. Let me guess; this is an actual “thing” 
– Luke has wifi? And he’s giving out the password?!
– Aww, Luke’s so proud of Rory <3
– Dang, this Paul storyline is messed up. Not as funny as the Ann one.
– Michel has a husband! 
– Roy Choi is on the show
– Gypsy!
– Kirk would have a Brita in his car! He kills me!
– Is Gypsy the new maid in disguise? And why is she speaking like that? This is so racist.
– Emily Gilmore!
–  The dreaded funeral scene. This is too real. I’m heartbroken. (You are missed, Edward Herrmann)
– Jason has made an appearance. Will we see all of Lorelai’s exes?
– Wow, Lorelai is all kinds of messed up, she really couldn’t think of one nice thing to say about her father? Geez.
– You go, Emily, let her have it!
– Awkward dinner scene where they never really eat.
– Wow, Paris runs a fertility clinic!
– How can Rory afford to go to London so often?
– UGH, Logan!
– If Rory didn’t want to marry him, why are they doing this whole no strings attached thing?
– Oh god, Lane’s life is so sad
– Zack…
– Emily Gilmore is wearing regular clothes. Are we in an alternate universe?
– Lorelai’s going to therapy with her mom (about time)

Gilmore Girls Winter


I’m disappointed in Rory. I would have thought that she’d at least have a job at the age of 32. It’s not like she’s in her 20s, why does it seem like she hasn’t progressed as a person?

How has Rory been making money ever since she left college?

She wrote one piece for the NYT; I don’t think they pay you that much. And she went to Yale!!

So you’re telling me that someone who graduated from an ivy league can’t land a full-time job. Does that mean that my life will be much harder than Rory Gilmore’s?

That girl is so privileged, but she hasn’t accomplished much!

Gilmore Girls Winter

I understand that some people would’ve been disappointed to see Rory have a fantastic job and living a good life because then there wouldn’t have been any conflict in the plot. But what we got was so extreme.

I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t take the time to re-watch the series, but it seems a bit out of character for Rory to a) be stringing along poor Paul b) having an affair with Logan. But she did have an affair with married Dean.

Regardless, why is she still strung on Logan after so many years?!

How long have they been having an affair (I think I missed that if it was answered)?

If she was so in love with Logan, she should’ve accepted his marriage proposal at the end of season seven. And if Logan liked Rory, he wouldn’t be with another woman.


I’m relieved that Lorelai and Luke are still together, they were always end game for me. But they really should’ve discussed having kids early into the relationship.

Emily is right, Lorelai can be selfish, and she does tend to live for herself.

And what was up with Lorelai not being able to say one nice thing about her father at his funeral?

Wow, I know that the Gilmore’s have issues, but come on, wasn’t that a bit too much? Lorelai could’ve said anything, but no, she had to tell some awkward and inappropriate story.

And why was she so mean to Emily for accidentally ordering a super sized painting of her father, her mom is in mourning, you think her one and only daughter would be a bit more sensitive.


Problematic Issues


It was already depressing that Lane got married to Zack and then had twins, but the revival had the opportunity to fix Lane’s storyline.

Why can’t Lane be a cool rocker chic or have some excellent job?

She could’ve even been the owner of a music store or something! It seems like she just plays music for fun now and I assume she’s a housewife.

Her life is so devastatingly sad.

Emily and Berta

Okay, so are we supposed to be glad that Emily finally isn’t firing the help. I’m surprised that her food has never been poisoned since she treated her workers so poorly for several seasons.

And what’s with what I assume was supposed to be a joke about Berta speaking a language that not even a U.N. employee could decipher?

It wasn’t funny; I don’t know why that was included in the revival.

Has Gilmore Girls always been this problematic?

2 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (Winter)

  1. I agree with you on so many things, but I think I was shorter and tamer with my review. I should have wrote more like you. By the way, Sherman-Palladino talks about it in an interview as to the most disappointing thing of season seven is Lane getting pregnant because there’s no way she wouldn’t be a good mother and it’s hard to make her a rocker still.

    1. We had different points. I like your take, you were much more positive than me and your memory is fresh since you rewatched all the episodes. I totally forgot that Amy wasn’t a part of season seven. Makes sense, but she could’ve fixed her story somehow. She could’ve been a music teacher or owned a music store. Poor Lane 🙁

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