‘Girls’ Makes Us Wonder if Friendship Can Last Forever

Girls Goodbye Tour

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead* If you’re a fan of the HBO series, Girls, you know that the show seems to be a story of four best friends trying to make it in New York City. But throughout the series how many times have you actually seen Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna, and Jessa in the same room? According to Lena Dunham, it’s 12 times throughout the past 6 seasons!

Final Scene Together

In episode 9 of season 6, titled “Goodbye Tour,” all four girls have their final scene together.

Hannah goes to Shosh’s apartment to find out that:

A) There’s a party she wasn’t invited to

B) It’s Shosh’s engagement party

C) Shosh is engaged!

Just like Hannah, the viewers didn’t know Shosh was engaged or that she even had a boyfriend. We barely got to see her this season!

Shoshanna tells Hannah that she didn’t feel the need to tell her because Hannah didn’t tell her about being pregnant (even Jessa knew about the pregnancy).

Marnie goes into crisis saving mode and calls an emergency group meeting and all four girls cram into the bathroom.

Hannah and Jessa start bickering and Marnie as usual tries to make everything about herself. Shoshanna breaks up the commotion by letting the other three girls know that the reason they can no longer be friends is because they “can’t be in the same room anymore without one person making it all about themselves.”

Throughout the last couple seasons (or maybe most of the series) we’ve seen a lack of screen time devoted to their friendship.

But that serves as a reminder that in life everyone ends up going their own way. 


Strong Female Friendships

I think the media tends to portray strong female friendships as everlasting and unchanging, which isn’t the case in real life. 

In the real world as we get older there are people we grow apart from, and others who we have to ultimately let go from our lives. 

Female friendship isn’t always about togetherness and enduring hardships together. There is no reassurance that you will still be close to someone who you’ve known since college or even elementary school.

One day you’ll get married and they won’t be a part of your lives anymore. It’s a sad thought, but the way in which Girls depicted the ending of their friendship was the most realistic part of the show. 

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