Here’s My Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Review

Popeyes Sandwich Review

First of all, hats off to the ingenious marketing team over at Popeyes because this sandwich has caused quite the stir over the past few months from the memes to the long lines and the violence and chaos. Popeyes debuted the chicken sandwich in August and it quickly sold out across the country which helped attribute to its mass appeal! Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of the lucky ones who got to try the viral sandwich before it sold out so I had to patiently and eagerly await its return on Sunday, November 3rd (yup, the day Chick fil-A is closed). Here’s my Popeyes chicken sandwich review.

Oh, and no, I was not getting paid to write this.

My Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Review

So, is the sandwich really worth all of the hype?

Yeah, it kinda is!

When you think of fast food you probably think cheap, quick, and greasy. Well, the Popeyes chicken sandwich is in fact cheap being only $3.99 but it wasn’t too greasy and it was pretty darn BIG!

I can’t speak to how long it might take to get a sandwich at your local Popeyes but I waited around 15-20 minutes on their official re-launching day.

I got the spicy chicken sandwich and although it wasn’t the most visibly appealing with a smushed bun and an oddly shaped chicken, that first bite was delicious! 

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

The chicken-to-mayonnaise ratio was just to my liking. Not too little and not too much! The brioche bun was soft and the chicken was very tender, while the breading was crunchy and crispy. I even enjoyed the pickles and I’m the type of person who pulls them out of every sandwich/burger out there. I’m no pickle expert but I’d say they compliment the sandwich quite well.

For those of you who want to know how the chicken sandwich compares to Chick-fil-A or which is better, all I have to say is Chick-fil-A who?

Overall Rating

UPDATE: I had previously given the sandwich a 4 out of 5 rating after eating it twice at two different locations. After eating it at a third Popeyes location I will have to lower my rating to a 3.5 due to the inconsistency of the taste of the sandwich at this particular location.

I still think it’d be tastier if it had some lettuce and tomato and maybe even few more pickles in there.

So, yeah, the Popeyes chicken sandwich is pretty good.

But did it change my life? Nope.

Would I spend over an hour in line waiting for one? Nope.

And I would definitely not be fighting anyone over this sandwich. So yeah, the sandwich is worth $3.99, but please be nice to Popeyes employee. These sandwiches are here to stay, so there’s no need to go to jail over it, there’s plenty of time to get out there to try one.

My Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Review

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