How To Turn Off the Hidden iPhone Map

Hidden iPhone Map

Did you know that there’s a map hidden inside your iPhone? It tracks everywhere you go including date and time.

Have you ever gotten a notification from your iPhone letting you know that you were x minutes away from home?

Or that you were parked near x location?

I have, and I never knew why I was getting these notifications. I hadn’t been using Maps or any other navigation device, so why was my phone alerting me of such things?

Well, it turns out that your iPhone has a feature called “Frequent Locations” that is automatically enabled for most users. 

When Did Apple Implement This?

According to the Daily Mail, “frequent locations is believed to have featured on iPhones since 2013.”

But I only recently discovered this last month!

I had never gotten notifications from my phone about my location until last year. I thought it was pretty invasive, but I forgot about it until I saw a video about the hidden iPhone map feature on the Business Insider.

What Does Apple Do With the Data?

Apple claims the data is kept on your phone. Other companies can’t access the information it collects.

However, that doesn’t protect you from hackers, your nosy partner, or from anyone who steals/finds your phone.

The data is supposed to be used for personalized services like traffic routing. But I still find it creepy as heck!

Hidden iPhone MapHow To Find It?

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click on “Privacy”
  3. Click on “Location Services”
  4. Scroll all the way down to “System Services”
  5. Scroll down and click on “Frequent Locations”
  6. Here you have the option to either switch on or switch off “Frequent Locations”
  7. You also have the option to “Clear History”

It’s Super Detailed!

By clicking on the city, a map is opened up, and here you will see all the places you have visited. It’ll show you the details, along with the date and time. 

I turned it off because I find it to be invasive. For those of you who do end up turning off this feature, just know that with every software update, “Frequent Locations” might be toggled back on. 

The More You Know!

Hidden iPhone Map   

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