The first thing I want to point out is that I felt like the person revealed as the killer was such a reach.

Who in the world would’ve guessed correctly?

My guesses were so off!

Second, why am I always wrong?! I swore it was going to be Meggy. I guess she just acted shady for no reason!!

It would’ve made more sense if it had been Rebecca’s brother (or step-brother). I would’ve understood that! I know he was arrested, but geez, is he serving life in prison?

One question I saw floating around social media that I can answer:

Is Wes Annalise’s Son?

No! Cmon’ guys we saw him with his mom when he was a kid. We know Charles Mahoney (Wallace’s Son) raped Wes’s mom. 

Annalise lost her baby after having met Wes and his mom so to her Wes was like a filler.

I think she’s heartbroken because she wanted to be connected to him and be that maternal figure that he didn’t have. In her eyes, Wes was her son.

She is not his biological mom.

Questions I saw that I don’t know the answers to, but will try to guess:

How Old Is Charles Mahoney?

I had assumed before we found out that he was Wes’s real dad, that he was in his early to mid-thirties. But with this revelation, Charles Mahoney must be in his 40s.

Wes’s mom wasn’t old when she had him, and obviously, Wes isn’t a 28-year-old. I’m assuming that the Keating 5 is around 23-25 years old.

If they graduated college around ages 21-23, they shouldn’t be old law students.

People shouldn’t take the actors age into consideration. Even though Charles looks young, just know he’s Wes’s father.

Why Did Mr. Castillo Kill Wes?

Some people have guessed that Laurel’s dad wanted Frank dead and Wes was the wrong target. I doubt that.

It would be a weak plot line to follow. Wes’s death has to be much more significant than mistaken identity.

And I’m pretty sure the henchmen (Dominic) wouldn’t have confused Wes for being Frank Delfino. Wes doesn’t’ look like a Delfino.

Even though I’m always wrong. ALWAYS!

1) I think Mr. Castillo killed Wes because of something to do with the Mahoney’s. It’s got to be related in some way. Otherwise giving the Mahoney’s such an important storyline would be pointless.

Why would we care about Wes’s real father if he’s dead? That whole storyline would need to go.

Silvia Mahoney revealed something huge, and it seems like there is more to the story that we don’t know. 


2) Laurel’s father knew about the immunity deal that Wes was being offered and had Wes killed before he could snitch and possibly incriminate Laurel. 

Some Thoughts I Had While Watching The Episode

-Why is Meggy still getting screen time?

-Asher loves Michaela!!

-Aww, Michaela does love Asher!

-Will there be a Coliver wedding in the future?!?

-Dang, Nate is loyal

-Will they ever find out that Bonnie killed Rebecca?

-Will Annalise forgive Frank?

-Is Laurel going to keep the baby?

-I thought that D.A. Denver ordered Wes’s murder; I can’t believe they fooled me yet again!

Season Four

Well, now we have to wait until Fall to find out why Wes was killed. I hope they tell us early on and we don’t have to wait until 2018.

I’m glad Laurel wasn’t able to shoot Charles Mahoney. That girl has gone cray-cray!

I feel terrible for her, but she’s become the new Wes. She’s the one who’s inadvertently causing problems as of late.

Questions That Remain

I feel like I now have more questions than answers on this show. For every big reveal that we get there are a dozen mini questions left unanswered.

-Who did Wes call when he said, “This is Christophe?”

-How are DA Denver, the Castillo’s, and Dominic related?

-Are the Mahoney’s involved?

-Will Annalise return to teach?

Did you guess correctly? Why do you think Laurel’s father had Wes killed?


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