HTGAWM: Who Killed Wes?

Warning!! Spoilers ahead! I acknowledge that the title is a spoiler if you didn’t know Wes was under the sheet. But cmon’ you had over a month to catch up! Just don’t read ahead if you haven’t watched HTGAWM this year. I think I know who killed Wes and why.

What We Know

-At some point in the day, before the fire took place, Nate was in Annalise’s house.

-When Nate went to see the body, he was told by the coroner that Wes had died before the fire.

-The D.A tells the public that the official cause of death was smoke inhalation.

-Nate is skeptical as to why the official cause of death is different from what he was told.

-Wes got into Frank’s car and told Frank that he learned of Rebecca’s death. He tells Frank that the D.A. offered him an immunity deal if he were to speak against Annalise.

-Wes gets out of the car and walks away.

-Frank calls Bonnie and updates her. Bonnie has Frank follow Wes.

-Frank loses sight of Wes. Bonnie tells Frank to go to the house.

Updated: February 10th, 2017

-Nate saw a living Wes in the house before the fire!!

-Wes’s body is missing!!

-Apparently, Nate signed for the body to be moved.

Updated: February 17th, 2017

-Nate spoke to Wes in Annalise’s house. The police called him, and he denied knowing where Wes was.

-Connor was at the house the night of the fire.

-Connor was trying to resuscitate Wes by pumping his chest.

-A.D.A. Atwood confessed to moving Wes’s body.

-Wes was cremated.

-The Mahoney’s did a DNA test on Wes. 

Who Killed Wes?

Possible suspects (in no particular order):

*After the episode aired on February 16th, I crossed out a few people


Initially, I included him as a suspect because at this point everyone is suspicious. But it would be sort of random to have him as the murderer. 

I included Nate because he went to Annalise’s house the day of the fire and he saw Wes. We haven’t been shown what happened next, so I can’t rule him out entirely.

Motive: I don’t know why he would’ve killed Wes…unless he wanted to get back at Annalise.


She left Annalise at her house, and I’m not sure if we saw where she was at the time the fire transpired. She did kill Rebecca, so who’s to say she wouldn’t kill Wes.

Motive: To silence him for good. But would Bonnie do that to Annalise? Their relationship is always rocky.


I don’t think the show would set him up to be the mystery killer once again. He already had his “OMG” moment. 

I think Frank would be the obvious choice, so the writers wouldn’t go that route. He’s killed the most people, but it wouldn’t be a shocker if Frank would have been the one to kill Wes.

I also don’t think he would’ve wanted to hurt Annalise more than he already did. He killed her unborn child, so why would he murder Wes?

Motive: He was jealous of Wes who had stolen Laurel’s heart.


Since we saw Connor trying to save Wes, or at least that’s what it looked like. I’m going to cross him off the list. The show always points viewers in a different direction to confuse them. 

I don’t know if it’s because of his indifferent attitude, or his way of coping with all the bad things he’s done, but he’s acting weird.

But we did see him with Connor’s potential love interest, so would he have had time to kill Wes?

Motive: He didn’t want to go to jail and had always blamed Wes for getting them into that mess in the first place. He finally made good on his promise to kill him.


In the last episode, we saw Meggy creeping by Laurel’s room. She saw Laurel talking to Nate and looked super shady hiding in the shadows.

Meggy has all the reason to have wanted to kill Wes. Well, it’s not justifiable, but she could’ve been a scorned lover.

Motive: Wes broke up with her and then a day later he’s with Laurel. 

Rebecca’s Brother

I feel like this was an extreme reach on my part. He’s probably going to be in jail for 20 years or something.

What happened to him? I know he got set up by Frank, but is he still in jail? Maybe he killed Wes. He was the only person looking for Rebecca outside of the Keating 5. 

Motive: Revenge/Justice.

A.D.A. Atwood

She seems to be a bit unhinged. It’s like her sole focus, and life goal is to bring Annalise Keating down. I wouldn’t put it past her to have murdered Wes.

Maybe she only wanted to find some incriminating evidence, but when she saw that Wes was in the house, she killed him out of fear of getting caught. She then could’ve blown up the house to cover up his death.

Motive: To frame Annalise, or it was an accident.

The Mahoney’s

It is clear that they have a lot of connections and power. They had someone nearly kill Annalise long time ago, so who’s to say they wouldn’t just get rid of Wes.

Wes did get himself into that mess. He lied about seeing Charles Mahoney at the crime scene and played a role in getting him imprisoned.

Motive: Revenge/Justice.

Primary Suspect

Who killed Wes?If I were to narrow down my list, I would point all fingers to Meggy as the killer.

Meggy is also getting a lot of screen time, which would mean that her role is much greater than I had initially thought.

I think Laurel is right, and Meggy is acting weird. They’re not friends, so why does Meggy keep checking in on Laurel?

Why was she hanging outside of her room peeking through the window?

Why did Meggy look so scared to see Nate talking to Laurel? And why did Meggy lie to Laurel about why she was hanging out in that unit when her shift was in a different area?

Is Meggy in cahoots with A.D.A Atwood? Or did she kill Wes because she couldn’t stand seeing him with another woman?

Even Michaela warned Wes about moving on too fast. Or am I just reading too much into this?

I think Meggy has ulterior motives, and the Keating 4 should keep their eye on her.

How To Get Away With Murder?

You don’t! Well, at least Wes didn’t, he got killed in the process. I hope one of my suspects is correct. I’m always wrong!

Who killed Wes?

Comment below! I want to know what you think!

The season finale is next week!

Who Killed Wes?

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