HTGAWM – Who’s Under The Sheet?

*SPOILERS AHEAD for the ABC series How to Get Away With Murder*

So far everyone who I thought would be under the sheet has been revealed as a living character in the flash forwards. Why does the show have to be so good! I’ve never guessed anything right in the entire series!

Now after this weeks episode we know the following:

Who’s Not Under The Sheet

  1. Annalise
  2. Bonnie
  3. Laurel
  4. Oliver
  5. Michaela

Who Could Be Under The Sheet

At the end of the episode, we see a news report on the hospital TV that states that there was an “unidentified male” found in the house fire. This means that one of the following characters is dead at the end of the season. I’ll try my hand at guessing again and hopefully this time I’m not wrong. I’ve listed them in order of who I think has a greater chance of dying this season and explained why below. 

  1. Nate
  2. Wes
  3. Asher
  4. Connor
  5. Frank

Nate – I feel like he isn’t adding much to the plot at this point but his death definitely would. The way that Annalise reacted made it seem like it was someone who was near and dear to her. I don’t see her acting that way if it were to have been Asher under the sheet. 

Wes – People have wanted Wes to die since the first episode of season one. I understand why he’s gotten under people’s skin. He is the one who causes trouble with all of his doubting and always questioning things. He led to the demise of his ex, Rebecca. It also feels odd that he hasn’t been causing any trouble, or getting paranoid about the Mahoney murder. So maybe it’s time to kill him off? But Annalise would be ruined if anything were to happen to Wes. That woman is clearly falling apart! And it would totally suck if Wes were the one to die because of all that we learned about him last season. He may be annoying at times, but he’s usually the one to get the plot rolling. 

Random thought: We’re all focusing on who’s under the sheet, but don’t we want to know who killed this person and their motive! What if it’s Frank who kills Wes because he hooks up with Laurel*, hence why she’s pregnant?

Asher – I would have put Asher as #1 on the list but at this point in the season, it wouldn’t even matter if he were on the show or not. His only purpose right now is being Michaela’s boo thang. I don’t see how his death would develop the plot any further. If anything, I think everyone would be a bit relieved that he’s dead because they wouldn’t have to worry about him confessing to killing Emily Sinclair. Although it does seem like he’s moved on from that.

Connor – It’d be too obvious if Connor were the one to be under the sheet after this week’s episode. Oliver has us worried that he’s dead because he didn’t pick up his phone and left it on Michaela’s couch. Connor will probably be shown in the flash-forward next week or the week after. I don’t even know what Connor would’ve done to get himself killed; he seems far removed from most of the Frank drama. I also really like Connor, so I’d rather he not be the one to die. 

Frank – He’s been on the run this season, and we didn’t get to see much of him until this week. I think Frank still has a lot more to add to the plot. Plus, he’s probably the one who killed the poor guy who’s under the sheet. 

*I don’t like this pregnancy storyline. I know the characters aren’t that young since they’re in law school, but I don’t want Laurel to be pregnant! Way to ruin her life even more. How can she raise a child in this murderous environment! 

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