I Self Tinted My Eyebrows & The Results Weren’t Terrible

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I had seen the peel off lip tint in a BuzzFeed video and found it intriguing, but various online reviews claimed that the product didn’t work. Then I stumbled across an eyebrow peel off tint on Amazon and figured that I needed to try it out.



I don’t really care about my eyebrows, but the concept of peeling off a tint seemed fun!

I read the reviews online, and it looked like the product worked for most people. After checking out various brow tints online, I ended up buying the one with the best reviews: Etude House Tint My Brows Gel (Gray Brown)

I don’t even know what Gray Brown is, but people in the review section recommended it for black eyebrows.

I also read that the longer you leave it on, the better the results will be. Some people leave the product on overnight to make sure the tint grabs onto the skin.

I applied the tint at 4 pm and took it off at 9 pm. 

JPEG image-1A1C112EB33C-1.jpeg
I forgot to take a picture of my bare eyebrows before I put on the tint, so I included a picture of me with my eyebrows drawn in with a Maybelline brow pencil

Tinting Process

The product goes on easily, but I don’t have the best hand–eye coordination, so I tried my best to apply the product to both brows evenly.

The result of using the tint was horrifying, and I was the butt of many jokes at home. It looked like I had filled in my eyebrows with a sharpie.

After five hours I began to get anxious and a little worried that the tint would be hard to take off, so I started to peel it.

The process was equally fun and scary.

I thought I had lost all of the hair on my eyebrows from looking at the peel, but it was a false alarm. 


I probably should’ve left it on overnight. Or maybe I should’ve applied another layer because a portion of my left eyebrow doesn’t have much tint.

I’m going to have to fill it in with a pencil when I go out. It being my first time using the product, I didn’t want to sleep with it on because I was scared it would smudge my pillows.

Just note that the tint dries quickly, so you can apply it before bed without fearing the worst.

Do I Recommend It?

Overall, I’m happy with the results. I don’t think I’ll be tinting my eyebrows often, though.

It was fun to try out. I would recommend the product if you don’t want to devote much time to doing your eyebrows.

The tint lasted for two days, but I think it could last longer depending on how often you wash your face. I was also not used to my eyebrows being that dark, so I started scrubbing it off on the second day.

My apologies for the eyebrow peel picture. I know it looks gross, but it was so fun to take off! Too bad I couldn’t peel it off cleanly.

Self Tinted Eyebrows

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