I Interviewed 6 Millennial’s About Online Dating And Here’s What They Had To Say

People use online dating apps for various reasons, whether it be hooking up, adding a third partner to their relationship, trying to find a partner, or simply just to go out. Whether you use Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, Grindr, or one of the many dating apps out there, what gets you to swipe right?

For educational purposes, I recruited six millennial’s of diverse ethnicities and backgrounds to find out what makes them swipe left or right. 

Names have been changed.

Stephanie (Age 22) – Uses dating apps for fun but hasn’t met anyone online in person.

Jen (Age 24) – Has never used a dating app.

Maria (Age 25) – Loves using dating apps, but isn’t sure if she’s too picky.

Kristina (Age 24) – Has never used a dating app but might consider it in the future.

Francine (Age 25) – Uses apps for genuine dating.

Gary (Age 27) – Uses apps to find hookups, isn’t looking for anything serious at the moment.

What Makes You Swipe Left?

“I’m not looking to have kids or be a parent anytime soon, so if he’s holding a kid I’m swiping left. And if I can’t tell who he is in the first picture, I’m done.

I’m also not a fan of shirtless pics, it makes me feel like he only wants to hook up, which isn’t what I’m looking for.”


“I would swipe left if they’re douchey, have a stupid bio (only here for hookups), there are too many people in a picture (can’t tell who the person is), girl/guy in the pic (questionable relationship), etc.”

– Jen

“The biggest reason would be that I’m unattracted to them. And if their bio says something that I may not like or shows that they only on want to hook up.

Going back to the picture thing (which for many apps is the only thing you can base the person on) depending on the type of photos they take, you can get a feel for the kind of person they might be.

Like whether they’re cocky or if they’re adventurous, etc. Or if they look too serious/unfriendly, I swipe left.”


“I usually swipe left if they are a genuine dater or someone who is nice. I’m looking for a 🍆 appointment, not a lover.”


“I swipe left on a lot of people. If he’s holding a beer in every picture, only has mirror selfies, various women in his pictures, then it’s a left swipe.

And I absolutely hate it when they don’t have anything in their bio.

Oh, and let’s not forget about guys who have pictures standing next to a celebrity. They aren’t helping themselves. It’s cool that you met Chris Evans, but now I will compare you to him, and if you’re not better looking, it’s a left swipe for me.

Also, if they don’t make an effort to put in at least a few sentences about themselves, I won’t waste my time on them.”


“A creepy picture.”


What Makes You Swipe Right?

“If I find them cute and they have something funny in their bio I’m going to swipe right.”


“I’ve never online dated, but I presume the typical swipe right is because they’re good-looking, have an animal (dog) in the pic, funny bio, educated bio, etc.”

– Jen

“Okay, swiping right would be based on how attractive I find them. I admit that sometimes even if they don’t have a bio or if their bio is “ehh,” I’ll swipe right because I’m attracted to them.

A swipe right mainly has to do with my attraction to them. Their bio may help, but I feel like I don’t pay as much attention to it if I’m already attracted them.

I think Tinder becomes more of a competition in a way for guys and girls on how many matches they get.

But I think for me it becomes a self-esteem thing.

I often wonder, if I swipe right on this really cute guy will he like me back? And if I do match with him, it’s a definite boost of self-esteem. It’s cool to know that a hot guy is actually attracted to me.

Then it becomes a thing of who likes me enough to message me first.”


“For Freinds with benefits (hookup):

Face (is he cute or is he a lumberjack?), body (is he buff or is he average?), if he’s neither on both he needs to make it up in the bedroom, hwp (height weight proportional), is he kinky? (not the whole 50 Shades crap)”

Swipe right:

Usually a douche or someone who’s obviously interested in getting in and down, honey.

You can see this in their profile pic/bio. Usually, the guy who’s shirtless and answered a lot of sexual questions. Some guys just explicitly state that they’re looking for fwb.


“The rare instances in which I swipe right are either accidental or: The guy passes my douche-bag and non-psycho killer radar. He’s cute and/or funny (preferably both). He’s holding a puppy (sometimes I can’t resist)”


“I haven’t tried online dating yet, but I assume a nice picture and shared interests.”




Whatever you’re looking for online, one thing is clear; online dating is a powerful tool for taking charge of your love life.

“It’s scary, but a sign of the times. This is how people meet and date now.”


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