K-Drama Review: ‘Jealousy Incarnate’

*Spoilers Ahead*

Review (Episodes 1 – 18) ~ It’s not a review, it’s more of my feelings about the main love triangle

If you’re not watching the K-Drama, Jealousy Incarnate, you are missing out! This show has got it all: laughter, tears, romance and love triangles! 

They also have some of the funniest lines! I don’t know if they’re being translated correctly, but they’re hilarious! 

Jealousy Incarnate

I’m not going to go over the whole plot because what’s bugging me right now after having watched episode 18 is that it is evident who Pyo Na-ri is going to choose.

I mean it was already clear since the main poster of the show is of the two leads together, and they get the most screen time.

3 Year Long Crush

I don’t feel like Hwa-shin genuinely likes Na-ri.

I acknowledge that he sent a helicopter to pick her up so she could take the anchor exam and provided great advice that landed her the job.

I’ll also admit that his personality is more interesting and dynamic than Jung-won.

Jung-won comes off as a bit boring, but come on, the dude doesn’t get much screen time!

Wouldn’t you rather be with an amazing and considerate guy than be with someone who is mean to you and not a nice person?

Did everyone forget what Hwa-shin did to his later brother’s business? How come that plot line wasn’t fully explained? Did he expose his brother’s business for the sake of being the one to report it first?

Does Pyo Na-ri even know how terrible Hwa-shin is?

I get that Na-ri and Hwa-shin have the most chemistry on the show. And sure my heart flutters at most of the stuff he tells her, and the way he looks at her is lovely.

But in the real world, you’re going to have a tough time trying to make it work when you date a jerk.

I know the show is not “real.” I don’t like that the message is that it’s okay to love the guy who led you on for three years and wouldn’t give you the time of day. 

But now that he likes you let’s completely forget about what an a-hole he was back then (and sort of still is).

Jealousy Incarnate

Jealousy + Love Triangle?

Although Na-ri had to see another girl kiss Hwa-shin to realize her true feelings (jealousy), she had been leaning towards him for a while.

She’s always there for him, they bonded over his breast cancer, he moved next to her, and they work together.

It’s like the universe was conspiring for them to be together.

I don’t like that she started crushing on Hwa-shin again because she found out that he was finally interested in her.

How could she forget about Jung-won and become confused about who she liked?!

What is the show trying to say, that girls can’t ever get over their crushes?

I know the plot centers around a love triangle, but it never felt like Jung-won had a chance.

I think I’ve matured because if I had watched this show two years ago, I would have been a Hwa-shin shipper.

Now I value the kind and considerate guy who I think every girl deserves, Jung-won.

Jealousy Incarnate

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