K-Drama Review: ‘Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon’


*Warning: Spoilers Ahead!*

Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon was one of the best shows I watched this year. It wasn’t perfect, with Bong-soon’s mom being abusive towards her husband. Although at the end we find out that apparently, she didn’t beat him up, he just fell. I don’t know if that was true, but we for sure know she was verbally abusive. 

There was also a lot of violence towards women on this show with the psycho killer beating and holding them prisoner. Those scenes were unsettling. I also found it hard to believe that the women could survive after being beaten so hard with a pipe on the head. 

Besides those flaws and the weird racial jabs at Hindus, the show was entertaining, funny (like laugh out loud funny), and romantic. 

Catching A Murderer

First of all, why was the plan to catch the psycho killer so poorly thought out?

I can’t believe that their only option was to put Bong-soon in danger. They knew he had a gun, but what made them think he wasn’t going to aim for her head, facial area, neck, or legs?

That was one of the most alarming loopholes in the show. And why didn’t they have back-up?

I know Bong-soon wanted to catch the killer herself, but it was such a dumb plan. She could’ve lured him in, and they should’ve had police surrounding the area and real snipers located in the high rises to catch the psycho. Or they could’ve used a dummy. 

I’m glad they finally caught the killer, and it was funny how she used walnuts to attack him, but I didn’t like their plan that put her life in danger. Bong-soon has super strength, she isn’t invincible or immortal.


Unrequited Love Has An Expiration Date

I don’t think they should’ve wasted time in episode 16 to drag out Gook-doo’s failed attempt at a confession. The dude knew her since middle school, but was never aware of his true feelings? Give me a break!

What was he scared of? His character was overflowing with testosterone, you wouldn’t think he’d be such a wuss when it came to getting the girl.

And he was the one who kept pushing her away every time she made it obvious that she liked him.

I don’t feel sorry for Gook-doo. He was cute, but lacked brains. Which doesn’t make sense, since he’s a detective…

How would she have known that he liked her back when he said he liked “flower-like girls?” He could’ve been talking about almost anyone at her school!

And if he liked Bong-soon so much, why was he dating some “hot girl” when Bong-soon was about to give him a home knitted scarf and confess her feelings?! I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t feel sorry for someone who liked me for several years but was always dating other women.

Did Gook-doo think she was going to wait for him forever?

Bong-Soon & Min-Hyuk

They are officially my favorite TV couple of all time, sorry Jake and Amy from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 

Min-hyuk is everything you would want in a partner. He was even willing to die with Bong-soon when she was strapped to the bomb. He didn’t want her to be alone, that’s how much he loved her!

Do men like this exist in real life? Is a love this strong even attainable?!

Watching the two of them made me feel extremely single but then again I also feel like Mr. Oh.

Bong Soon


He started off as a lonely guy looking for a bodyguard. What I love the most about his character is that he knew the real Bong-soon and never tried to change or limit her in any way.

He also wasn’t ever intimidated by her, he liked her for who she was. And when she lost her power, he still loved her.


She initially didn’t want her powers. She wished to be normal and was afraid of what might happen if she used her powers the wrong way.

Bong-soon is also uncomfortable in her own skin because she’s different.

She is never honest with her best friend/crush Gook-Du and tries to act weak in front of him. I think this is part of the reason as to why those two would’ve never worked out. She wasn’t honest about who she was and he wasn’t honest about his feelings for her. 

As the show progresses, Bong-soon grows more confident in herself, her choices and her abilities. She becomes a real life heroine.



I would recommend this show to everyone! I’m going to miss these characters and their shenanigans! 

Oh and the “Super Power Girl” theme song rocked!

I’d give Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon an A-.

Did you watch Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon? What are your thoughts?



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