My Problematic Fave: Lena Dunham

When I saw Lena Dunham trending on Twitter, I thought to myself, oh boy, what has she said this time. Well, it turns out that Dunham has sparked controversy yet again with a recent comment, saying she ‘wishes’ she had an abortion.


I understand that Dunham wants to normalize abortion.

We see this in the episode of HBO’s series Girls where Mimi- Rose has an abortion without telling her boyfriend, Adam.

But what I don’t get is her need to make the issue about herself. Why does she carry around some made up stigma because she hasn’t had an abortion?!

I think Dunham needs to take ten steps back and try to re-evaluate why she has such warped thoughts.

You can still be pro-choice, an advocate of Planned Parenthood and women’s rights without wishing to have had an abortion.

How self-involved do you have to be to not think about how your words will affect those around you? 

Controversy Follows

It seems that whenever Lena Dunham has something to say, it’s offensive. It isn’t the first time she’s come under fire for her insensitive comments.

At the 2016 MET Gala, she accused NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. of ignoring her because of her looks. 

I feel embarrassed to admit that I like the HBO series Girls. I acknowledge that it’s a show about privileged white women who have no redeemable qualities, but yet, I continue to watch.

I’m also ashamed to admit that I own a copy of Not That Kind of Girl, which I will now be selling on Amazon. What a shame that I spent my hard-earned money on such a problematic and self-absorbed individual.

One thing that’s certain is that Lena Dunham is not the voice of the millennial generation, she is just a voice. 

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