Omyo Color Studio Review: My Experience With Personal Color Analysis

Omyo Color Studio

What’s personal color analysis?

Personal color analysis is a way to help people find the colors and styles that suit them. It’s a big trend in the Korean beauty market, and most recently, it’s all over TikTok.

This past weekend I had the opportunity (thanks to a cancellation) to attend the soft launch of Omyo Color Studio with a friend.

Before heading to the appointment I had only seen a few TikTok videos of people draped in large pieces of multiple colors and didn’t really understand much about the process that went into personal color analysis. But since it was something new, I figured why not try it out.

Omyo Color Studio

What was the experience like?

First off, a virtual round of applause for Haejin! You can tell she loves what she does and that excitement and passion are present throughout the session. She’s also very kind, welcoming and personable! She made the whole experience wonderful!

Something to note is that you’re advised to arrive barefaced to the session so you can get accurate advice.

I didn’t know much about color (even though I made it all the way to AP art in high school). But Haejin gave us an intro to personal color theory and walked us through seasonal colors and styles.

I have to commend her for being a great teacher because I was very confused at the start of the session. Haejin made the experience very fun and exciting.

Who knew color could be so interesting?

We learned about warm vs cool and the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. I won’t go into detail as it’s best explained by a professional.

Haejin went through K-Celeb image references and helped us match who/what styles we might identify with.

After that, we moved on to the fabric draping (which is what you’ve probably seen online). This portion of the session shows you the effect each color has on a person. By the end, Haejin is able to discern the range of colors that suit you from best, basic and worst.

At first, I found it a bit easier to identify what colors better suited my friend than I did with myself. Tip for anyone who signs up for this, make sure you look at your face because it’s easy to get distracted and want to look solely at the fabric. But once you focus on your face, you can tell how the light reflecting off the color frames you.

Looking back at my video, I could see myself light up with colors that were in my season versus colors that just made me look washed out and tired (also, shout-out to my friend for recording my color analysis session).

Color swatching - omyo color studio

We also went through accessory and hair color recommendations, which was super fun!

I’ve dyed my hair multiple colors throughout the years and am getting sick of poorly attempting to maintain the blonde. It was good to learn what colors would suit me best. Perhaps I go violet for autumn? Or TikTok orange?

After the color analysis, we reviewed the makeup that we had brought and got to try on some recommended lip colors. The perfect excuse for me to buy more lip products!

Makeup pouch analysis - omyo color studio

We also got to see certain jewelry we matched with and at the end, showed Haejin pictures of our current closet and items we’ve worn.

We got some great tips/pointers that I’ll definitely be implementing in my future wardrobe (I think it’s time to retire the infamous floral print dress).

What is your personal color?

My best personal color is summer cool light!

I thought it was interesting that during the fabric draping portion, the colors that looked best on me were colors that make up a lot of my wardrobe.

And the colors that looked worst are ones that I typically don’t lean towards. So I guess I had a pretty good eye for some things.

Also, this will now continue to fuel my passion for Barbie pink clothes and Skims basics.

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What would you rate your experience?


Haejin is an expert at what she does and it really shows. She can instantly tell what season/colors match you and she’s great at taking the time to help you understand.

If you’re interested in color analysis or just want to try it out for fun, I’d definitely recommend Omyo Color Studio! After leaving our session, my friend and I couldn’t stop noticing colors and patterns.

Now when I’m at home watching TV, I’m thinking about the colors people are wearing and how certain colors/patterns aren’t for me, but work really well with others.

Out of the several things I learned during our session, the one that stood out to me was that your personal color doesn’t change just because you’re a different age or because you’ve dyed your hair.

I’d say this was something you should try out once in your life. It was informative, well worth the price and fun!

Haejin puts her heart and soul into her work. She spent a long time with us, answered our questions, and to recap everything at the end she sent a detailed recommended makeup list based on our seasonal tone!

You’re not going to get this type of service elsewhere. I was blown away by the recommendations, expertise and the thought and care she’s put into her business.

I also liked the COVID safety precautions. Haejin kept her mask on throughout the session, which made me feel safe as we had to remove ours for certain portions. The lipstick testing was very hygienic as well!


Something that should be noted is that personal color analysis doesn’t mean you have to toss everything out of your closet that might not be your seasonal tone.

Fashion and makeup is a form of self-expression and you’re not being told to limit yourself.

It’s just a neat way to know what suits you best, but not something you need to strictly adhere to. It’s also great for anyone shopping for a special occasion where they want to look their very best.

All in all, the session was fun and I learned a lot of new things that I’ll be putting into practice as I shop!

How to book an appointment?

You can find all the information you’re looking for here:

IG account @omyo.color

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