Seeking to Be Whole

A couple of weeks ago I came across The Love Life Of an Asian Guy’s Facebook post about being biracial. This post resonated with me because I’ve struggled with seeking to be whole my entire life.

So I appreciated the fact that someone took the time to bring to light an issue that isn’t often discussed.

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As a Chinese-Salvadoran-American I have struggled to fit into the mold of both of my cultures.

To some, I’m not a “real Chinese” person because I don’t speak the language and because my skin is dark.

And I’m not a “real Salvadoran” because of my appearance and manner of being.

People claim me not to be a part of any of my identity for whatever reasons, but who are they to decide what I am and what I am not?

“You are whole…Your identity is NOT your DNA%”

-The Official LLAG

My life is plagued with people who insist that I’m “only half Chinese” and “only half Salvadoran.” But like The Official LLAG said “You are whole…Your identity is NOT your DNA%”.

I feel sorry for those who don’t get this and for those who try to make biracial people feel anything less than whole.

Who are you to say what a person is and what a person isn’t?

At the end of the day, we’re all human. 

Seeking to Be Whole


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