I Spent $11 To Visit the Museum of Failure: Was It Worth It?

The Museum of Failure, which opened earlier this year in Sweden, has now temporarily found itself in Los Angeles. Thanks to the beauty that is Groupon, I managed to snag tickets for $11.

What Is The Museum Of Failure?

The pop-up museum is located in the A+D Architecture and Design Museum and includes more than 100 failed inventions. 

Featured fails range from Colgate lasagna, Minitel, various Oreo flavors, the Zune (#proudowner), Bic for Her, Heinz EZ Squirt, and various other products.

The failures don’t only include bad products but also items that died due to the advancement of technology.

Visit the Museum of Failure

Is It Interactive?

There’s a photo booth where you can choose an inspirational quote and take a picture or gif and email it to yourself. Note that it may take up to 24 hrs to receive your photo.

You can also take a seat and snap a photo with the shared girlfriend. An eerie lifelike rental sex doll.

And there’s also a section where brave souls can write down their fails and put them up on the wall for all to see. 

Was It Worth It?


-Nostalgic feel

-Got some good laughs

-Interesting concept

-I like the overall theme of the museum that seems to point to the fact that there’s a certain beauty to failure. This is reinforced by the inspirational quotes you’ll find spread along the walls of the exhibit. 


-$11 for tickets is a bit much for what the museum has to offer. I would’ve justified spending $5 – $8. 


It’s up to you!

-Worth it if you’re into museums, want a good chuckle, or just want to say that you went.

-Also worth it if you can pass for a 12-year-old and get free admission, or if you’re actually under 12 because you’re not paying, your parents are.

-Not worth it if you don’t want to spend $11 or $15. Just look up the hashtag “musuemoffailure” on Instagram and save your money. 

Buying Tickets

I think they had online tickets that were $8 for a while, but the service fee was like $3.

Tickets right now are $15 (+2.45 service fee) and $8 (+$2.24 service fee) for seniors 65 years and older. Children under 12 get free admission.

I would recommend Groupon’s $11 deal for those between the ages of 13-64.

If you plan on going, act fast, the museum closes February 4th!

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  1. First time I hear about this museum, but, having read the article, I see, that it is very interesting. Maybe, I should also visit it.

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