I Visited the Museum of Death, And It Was Horrifying

Museum of Death

Apparently, the Museum of Death is a popular place to check out. I had only heard of it through a friend who was eager to visit. I figured, why not, I was expecting it to be a museum like the California Science Center. But instead, it looked like the inside of someone’s house that was converted into a place trying to be a museum.


It costs $15 to enter, and parking in the back is free. Be sure to park on the left side as the right-hand side parking is for another building. The lot is small, so space is limited. 

Museum of Death

Warning! Do not bring your children here!

There is no age limit to enter, as I guess it’s the whole age doesn’t matter, we all die thing. But this isn’t a place for kids! You should be older than 18 to enter.

If a parent brings their child here, they should be reported to Child Protective Services (CPS), that’s how inappropriate the venue is. 

This place is also not for the faint-hearted. I’m not sure why I expected it to be different than what it was.

I thought it would be informational or something sciencey like Forensic Files. But it wasn’t.

They had different sections dedicated to murderers, autopsy, executions, cannibalism, suicides, preserved specimens, and accidental deaths. 

Note: You’re not allowed to take pictures once you enter. I don’t even know why you’d want to take pictures anyway.

Another Warning!
Don’t continue reading if you’re easily disturbed. I won’t go into gory details, but I want to explain some of the stuff that I saw.

Disturbing Exhibits

When you first enter the Museum of Death, you see artwork from some psycho who killed a bunch of men and buried them in his house.

The next section is of executions that took place in jail, there were pictures, a death chair, and an old decapitated head (which I don’t think was real, but maybe it was, who knows).

They even had coffins which I found disturbing. I think I started to regret my choice of entering when I saw the coffin.

After that was the autopsy exhibit. Everything from that section was just downhill for me. I didn’t want to see those graphic pictures. It was depressing and sickening.

The most difficult section to walk through was the murderer portion.

There were walls upon walls of gruesome pictures. There were pictures of people posing with dead bodies, and they were smiling! What in the world!!! 

There were also sections dedicated to Charles Manson, The Black Dahlia, and The OJ Simpson murder case. The last exhibit was weird. It was about some punk rock performer, and there was a little area for people to sit and watch a TV that only played videos of people getting killed.

Disturbed People

I can understand the casualties of war, even though I don’t agree with the politics of it, and I can understand cultural rituals where people were sacrificed.

But what I don’t get is all the psychos and sociopaths that kill for fun.

I learned that some people are disturbed and are lacking a conscience. Including those visiting the museum!

Murderers in the Making?

What made the experience more horrifying was that some of the visitors seemed like murderers or murderers in the making. They were a little too engrossed in the pictures. And some lady was laughing at the gruesome images! I just wanted to get the hell out of there.

The section dedicated to The Black Dahlia was horrific. There were large pictures displayed across an entire wall. I wish I hadn’t seen those!

And there was some disturbed man who asked out loud, “I wonder what she did to deserve that.” UM, no one deserves to be murdered! I couldn’t believe the words I heard.

What sort of sick person thinks like that?

Museum of Death


The atmosphere of the place is just gross. If you leave feeling queasy, or if you do faint it’s because they don’t have proper ventilation.

They had a few cheap fans scattered throughout, but those weren’t helping. The carpets were clearly old, and I’m pretty sure they have a mold problem. It smelled musty and like maybe the wood was rotting. 

It also felt like I had walked into a real life hoarders house. This place is a fire hazard. Did they arrange it like this on purpose? If so, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Someone should call a building inspector because the museum doesn’t look or smell up to code. 

There were also too many people trying to navigate the gallery. I found myself staying in sections for a little longer than I wanted to because I couldn’t move forward. I guess it goes to show how popular the place is.

Would I Suggest The Place To a Friend?

The museum wasn’t scary; it was just disturbing. 

One of my friends felt queasy afterward, and I felt a gaping hole of sadness. If this current political climate has you down, or if you’re already sad, don’t go to the Museum of Death.

And if you don’t want to see horrifying images of murders and murderers, don’t go. I even found writing this review difficult. The museum had a negative effect on me; I felt a mixture of anxiety and depression afterward. Shaking those feelings was hard. 

Even if you’re a person who is unaffected by violence and gruesome pictures, I can’t recommend the Museum of Death.

It’s just not worth $15! What a scam!

You’re better off tuning into a Hispanic news channel like, Alarma TV at 10 pm and watching what they show there. They’ll show you someone getting their head chopped off for free, so don’t waste your money. 

Museum of Death

4 thoughts on “I Visited the Museum of Death, And It Was Horrifying

  1. I’m just legitimately confused who would think the Museum of Death was a place to take your kids, or that it might be an uplifting sunshine and rainbows experience. It’s literally called the Museum of Death. What where you possibly expecting?!?!

  2. I have been to this museum for two times and I wouldn’t say, that it was horrifying. Quite the contrary, it was very fascinating.

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