Things I Learned in 2020: Saying Bye to Racists

Things I Learned in 2020: Saying Bye Racists

In 2020, not only did COVID-19 spread worldwide but it caused an increase of hostility in the United States toward Asian Americans. At the start of the year, I didn’t think COVID-19 was a problem the U.S. would ever have to deal with (my privilege). I was under the impression that there was testing available in the country and that for sure they’d screen you if you traveled abroad or cross country. Nope, not the case! By now, everyone knows the U.S. is #1 hotspot for COVID-19, but it’s also caused an increase in anti-Asian hate crimes.

Things I Learned in 2020: 

– To check my privilege

– Setting clear boundaries

– Just because you say you’re not a racist doesn’t make you not racist

– Cutting ties with people you no longer hold space for (because they’re RACIST) is okay

– It’s not my job to educate people who hold interpersonal and internalized racism. It’s your job to figure out what you did wrong and learn from it

– It’s also not my job to apologize for expressing that I don’t appreciate racism towards myself or Asian people

– Actions speak louder than words.

Those who were scared of getting COVID from Asian people in Feb/March but still went on trips with friends, held parties and get-togethers from April to the end of the year need to take a look in the mirror and see how their actions don’t match their words.

If you were so scared of getting COVID from Asian people, Chinese people to be exact, why is it okay to hang out with non-Asian people maskless and without social distancing?

Art by IG @hisueyen
Art by IG @hisueyen

Why is it so important that you “live your life” while hundreds of thousands of people are dying from COVID-19?

One person dies from COVID every 10 minutes in Los Angeles.

So is it still important for you to hold your crappy little party right now? Or is it only okay because no one invited is Chinese?

In 2021 I will not be apologizing for how others make me feel about the anti-Asian sentiment that has increased due to the pandemic.

After all, even if you don’t see me as Chinese, I am!

I will not be silent about the racism that I endure and I don’t have to hold space for people who don’t see how they have been hurtful to me.

So in 2020, I say bye to…

I say goodbye to everyone who has called it the “China virus,” “Wuhan virus” or “Kung Flu”

I say goodbye to everyone/anyone who accused me of having COVID for being Chinese

I say goodbye to everyone who didn’t view me as Chinese but only Chinese enough to have the virus

I say goodbye to people who dismissed my feelings as being “too dramatic”

I say goodbye to anyone who thought they got COVID after hanging out with Chinese people

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