Who’s Under the Sheet?



Who’s Under the Sheet

First of all, I was completely wrong once again. Why does How to Get Away With Murder do this to me?!! He was the second person I guessed would die, but I took him off the list after I saw him about to sign the immunity paperwork to incriminate Annalise.

Who’s Under the Sheet?

I suppose they tricked us because there was no way in knowing the time frame of which things played out until the very end.

I thought they were always showing us scenes after Annalise had seen who was under the sheet!

I was so convinced it was going to be Nate. It didn’t even hit me that it was Wes who was dead when I saw a living Nate talking to the coroner.

I kept thinking, a black male, who could it be. It’s not Wes; he was at the police station. So I was completely shocked to see him under the sheet.

I know he wasn’t a well-liked character and people have been complaining about him since the start of the show, but he didn’t deserve this!

His life was sad. He never even accomplished anything!

Except for passing one exam and possibly getting his girlfriend pregnant. 

He’ll Be Missed

Who’s going to get the group into trouble now? He’s the one who started this chain of events leading up to his demise.

I guess it makes sense why they killed him off. How were we expecting him to get away with murder literally?

There’s no way that he could’ve had a happy ending, he killed someone in season one, whether it was intentional or not, he had too much bad karma.

Plus, he would’ve been causing more drama within the group after finding out that his ex-girlfriend was murdered.

And why did Frank do such a sloppy job?! Annalise instructed the students to burn Sam’s body, so he should’ve done the same to Rebecca. 

Anyways, I digress. I still can’t believe that Wes is dead. I was in denial yesterday because how could they kill off one of the main characters. 

I wish they’d change their minds and have him not be dead, but that body was burnt to a crisp, and we even got a close-up shot of his face >.<

Who Killed Wes?

Now we have to wait two months until we find out who killed Wes and why. I’m going to try to guess even though I always get it wrong. 

The obvious answer would be The Mahoney’s or Frank.

But maybe it was that other lawyer who hates Annalise. I forgot her name. I’m referring to the lady who was dating Nate but got dumped after he found out that she’d been stalking Annalise to build a case against her.

She seems like she’s a little too invested in taking Annalise down. 

But if Wes was already dead before his body was burned, was he dragged into the house after being killed?

Or was he killed in the house and the murderer decided to blow it up to erase the evidence? How did Nate get out of the house before it blew up?

It seemed like Laurel went in when Nate had just gone upstairs, or maybe the time in which the events happened was all skewed. 

Maybe Bonnie killed Wes?

They got into a scuffle about Rebecca, and she murdered him. But Bonnie is too small to take on Wes. OR maybe Rebecca’s step brother or brother (I forgot) got released from jail after they revealed that Rebecca was dead and he killed Wes because he was the obvious suspect.

Ugh, so many questions!

I can’t even stick to one of my theories. The boy had too many enemies and stuck his nose into things he shouldn’t have.


I just hate the thought of Laurel and Wes ending on bad terms. If anything, I hope they show a flashback of them making up before he dies.

Otherwise, it’d be too heartbreaking to imagine him dying without knowing Laurel loved him. It was also devastating to see Meggy and Laurel crying over the man they both lost.


Now that I think about it, Wes also ended on bad terms with Rebecca before she was killed. This is just too depressing! 

RIP Wes Gibbons. You were annoying at times, but you always moved the plot forward, and I still don’t believe you deserved to die. 

Now I shall patiently wait until January 19th to be told that I need to wait until the season 3 finale to find out who killed Wes.

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